Lesson and Cancellation Policy

Changing your lesson day/time

If you find that your lesson time is not working with your schedule, I can check the lesson schedule and see what open times are available. There is a school-year schedule and a summer schedule -We will change lesson times during these seasons, but you are welcome to move your lesson to a better time during the year if needed.



Students are welcome to pay by cash, check, or the phone payment app "Venmo" at the end of each lesson or at the beginning/end of each month. 



Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lesson, so that another student can take your place.

If a student is a "no show" at the time of the lesson, they will be charged the full amount of the lesson. 

If you must cancel (or wish to reschedule your lesson) on the day of your lesson, there will be a 50% cancellation fee, regardless of the reason. 



Make Up Lessons

If a student knows in advance that they will be missing their regularly scheduled lesson, we can schedule a makeup lesson for another day of the week at no charge. (days/times based on availability). 

If a student is a "no show" or cancels on the day of their lesson, they will still be charged the fee mentioned above; 

Please note: 

*requesting a makeup lesson at the time of cancellation does not qualify as attending that lesson, even if it will be made up on another day (a charge will still occur for any last minute cancellations) 

*If a student is a no show for 4 lessons or more with no communication or notice from the student or parent, I reserve the right to suspend lessons with that student.  


Thank you for your understanding.