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Sky has been teaching voice and guitar lessons for the past 9 years and has over 30 students in Orange County. She offers music lessons to children ages 5 and up as well as adults. Students will learn to play their favorite songs and have opportunities to perform for an audience at student showcases, recitals, and open mic nights hosted by Sky Green. Students looking to get more advanced in music will learn songwriting, music theory and ear training to help them compose music and learn songs on their own!

Sky aims to help musicians of all ages get to the next level in their playing and performing. Here, students also have the opportunity to do professional recordings of their original music at the studio and record videos for auditions or Youtube.


Lessons are offered at Sky Green Music Studios in San Clemente and are booked through Sky and online!

Sky Green Music Studios

Studio Rates:

Half hour - $25  |  45 Min - $40  |  Hour - $50

Monday - Friday  1:00pm-6:00pm

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Sky Green talking about her experience
as an educator

I began my teaching career at California Music Studios and The Music Factory in 2010 teaching singing, guitar, and drums. After working with these music schools for 3 years, I got the opportunity to work for Carnival Cruise Lines as one of their soloist performers. When I returned from my 6 month contract with Carnival Cruises, I decided to start my own mobile and in home music lesson business.


What I love most about teaching, is that not only do I get to teach students their favorite instrument, but I also get to help them learn the music they love and perform for others. To encourage students to perform in public, I invite them to attend the open mic nights I host as well as the private recitals I organize for my students. 


In addition to teaching private lessons, I also coached teen bands how to perform on stage, play well with other musicians, and how to improve their craft. I began band coaching in 2010 with the kid band Whiplash, then went on to coach more youth bands such as Rikochet, Derailed, and No Pun Intended. 


I truly enjoy teaching and playing music. I always look forward to sharing my knowledge of music; and helping my students become musicians. 


The Crider Family

Our family has been privileged to know Sky Green for the past 3 years. She is very well respected within the community and performs at several local venues.  Sky has a passion for music and it becomes evident as you watch her teach your children.  She teaches our daughter voice and guitar and our son drums.  My daughter is also the lead singer for a band here in Orange County and Sky is the band’s manager too.  Sky Green is a well rounded, diverse and professional teacher who brings talent, leadership, and experience to the table.  She is aware of a variety of approaches to teaching music, and is constantly broadening her pedagogy based on best-practice. 


She creates relevant lesson plans that tap into student interest, and incorporates movement and other modalities into her music lessons. For example, Sky noticed my daughter seemed a little short of breath at a performance where she was dancing around the stage and singing. The next week when Sky worked with my daughter, she began having my daughter dance while she was taking her voice lesson.  My daughter was so grateful to increase her cardio while singing to help her become an even better performer. We as parents were impressed Sky noticed a potential problem area for our daughter and began immediately to correct it. 


Sky is also knowledgeable on songwriting and PR for soloists or bands.  I have watched her aid my daughter in creating business cards, promoting her social media, and recording music for my daughter to place on her YouTube channel. She truly enjoys teaching children and brings wonderful excitement to their music experience.

Lessons are no longer in person and are only being held online. Please contact Sky for more information!